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Why would you choose an independent dental hygiene clinic?

Bad breath? We can investigate and treat the source if possible.

Pregnant? Worried about your baby? Complete prenatal oral hygiene care (including laser gums disinfection). 100% safe for the mom and a baby.

Cold Sores (Herpes)? On your lips or nose? Laser will help you to manage pain, decrease severity and frequency of the outbreaks.

Bleeding gums? We can assess your oral health and discuss all the treatment options for your benefit.

Struggling to teach your loved ones how to brush properly? Partner with us. We will coach them to achieve the best oral hygiene as possible.

Too expensive at your dentist office? Ontario Dental Hygienist Association Fee guide is more affordable than the dentists’ Fee Guide. Our treatments are cost effective- the most treatment for your money. We also provide direct billing to your insurance.

Anxiety? We don’t own drills, only hygienists work here. We practice progressive relaxation techniques.

Tired of “one size fits all” approach? We recommend client specific treatment plans based on the specific needs of each patient (personalized care).

Benefits or No Benefits? Excellent. We will discuss more affordable options.

Worried about toxicity of some OTC products? We can discuss it and suggest some great alternatives.

You or your kids had previous bad experience at the dentist? Visit just for teeth cleaning only. You or your kids will associate the hygiene visit with fun and no stress. There is no dentist here.

Dreaming about white teeth? We can discuss the options and whiten those pearls if possible.

Hate waiting at the dentist? We have more time for each client and we are always on time.

Pressured to take x rays at the dentist? You can relax. There is no pressure. We don’t take x-rays. You can schedule your x-rays and/or exam at the dentist of your choice at your own convenience.

Come and experience for yourself the difference that an Independent Dental Hygienist can offer. Make an appointment with SMART DENTAL HYGIENE today.


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