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Hygienist Next Door/Smart Dental Hygiene - YOUR FIRST VISIT

Good Oral Health/Cleanings/Recommendations


Dental hygienists are prevention specialists and visiting regularly is important for good oral health. Hygienist Next Door/Smart Dental Hygiene client care is specific to your needs; this may mean a visit every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months depending on your level of oral health and commitment to home care.


Brushing and flossing daily is not enough to reach the hidden areas where tartar and plaque can build up. A dental hygienist uses special instruments to clean your teeth, remove tartar and plaque, and help prevent gum disease or bone loss. A dental hygienist can also advise you on tools and/or techniques you can use at home to help improve your oral hygiene routine. Remember…oral diseases like cavities and gum disease:


  • are mostly preventable;

  • can be stopped or reversed when caught early and with early treatment;

  • are contagious and will spread to other teeth and other mouths through bacteria in saliva; and

  • are infections which can lead to other health problems.


Your appointment may include:

Detailed diagnostic assessment for periodontal disease, including evaluation of pocketing, bleeding and attachment/bone loss.

Tracking charts showing progression of disease.

Treatment procedures including scaling, root planning, gingival pocket therapy and reattachment procedures.

Cavity risk assessment 

Preventative maintenance for adults (and children)

Dietary guidance

Tooth Whitening

Tobacco Cessation Counseling 

Mouth guards

Oral health education/instruction

Stain removal

General cleaning

Cosmetic cleaning

Desensitization procedures

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