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Is a Dental Hygiene Clinic Different? What to expect?

You probably have seen the advertisements of independent Dental Hygiene offices in the newspaper or on social media, or on the streets. Have you ever wander what it is? How is it different from the regular dental offices?

Since 2007 in Ontario you can see more and more Independent Dental Hygiene Offices open their door to clients looking for something different options for meeting their dental hygiene needs. Majority of hygienists still provide their services at the dental offices, where the dentist is an owner of the practice. Other hygienists have chosen independent setting – meaning being an owner and an operator in the practice. It might be a mobile, home office or a regular clinic or a combination of those. Dental Hygienists who practice independently require to obtain a special license to “self-initiate” meaning that they don’t require a dentist order to perform regular duties. All the hygienists in Ontario need to go through a very strict accredited program at a colleges and pass very detailed licensing exam to obtain a permit to practice. They are very well prepared to practice independently in all settings.


When you come to an Independent Dental Hygiene Office you can see that the setting is not much different from the dental office. We all have to fulfill the infection control (sterilization), safety, privacy and other protocols, to make our practice safe for the public. Ask us for a free office tour to check our up to date status.


Unlike the dentists, we don’t have emergencies on a daily basis and we can schedule the appointments accordingly. Usually we are on time so you don’t have to wait. We don’t rush through appointments because we have people in pain waiting for us. You can ask us all your dental questions and we can discuss the treatment plan in details. It is also easier to schedule an appointment on the short notice- even on the same day. Many clients appreciate this difference.


Our prices are based on the current ODHA fee guide which is 20-40% lower than the dentists fee guide. Many patients like that.


Even Dental Hygiene Clinics look similar to the Dental offices the atmosphere is different. Because we are owners and operators we don’t have big businesses and we don’t employ many people. The clinics are quiet and relaxed. No hectic, busy, behind the schedule feeling. There is no dentist here. There is no drills or drill noises. Many clients with dental anxiety appreciate this.


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